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Today’s e-commerce growth opportunities go hand-in-hand with greater online payments and fraud risk. CFOs need to understand the impact that soaring levels of online fraud will have on their company’s revenue, loyalty, and reputation.

This eBook analyzes the findings of a new CFO Research study of 155 finance executives. The research explored the incidence of e-commerce fraud by business type, the relative costs of core anti-fraud strategies, the non-financial impacts of online fraud, and their current and future strategies for fighting fraud.

Key findings include:

  • The hidden impact of fraud on organizations
  • The resources that finance executives are employing to combat fraud
  • The larger strategies required in the ongoing battle against online fraud

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About Vesta Corporation

Vesta Corporation is the only global provider of integrated fraud and payment solutions for enterprise partners in the e-commerce, telecom, media and financial industries. The company’s guaranteed CNP payment solutions and innovative, patented fraud technology are proven to increase conversion and acceptance while eliminating fraudulent transactions and merchant liability. For more information, visit

About CFO Research

CFO Research is the research group at CFO Publishing, an Argyle company, which also publishes CFO magazine and For more than 30 years, CFO Publishing has been a trusted source of insight into the business issues that matter most to finance professionals.