Here's the problem with fraud:

Your customers are perfectly happy assuming you’re doing what you need to do to protect them. At the end of the
day, all they want is  an effortless buying experience.

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How to process more approved transactions

It’s easy to reduce fraud, but doing it without reducing revenue isn’t. We work hard to maximize your approval rate. Vesta’s real-time fraud decisioning and protection allows merchants to enjoy the increased revenue from more approved transactions.

What is total fraud prevention?

Instead of tightening acceptance parameters to manage fraud (which mostly stops legitimate transactions anyway) our intelligent fraud technology assesses transactions in real-time. That means stopping bad actors in their tracks while at the same time approving more good transactions. 

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How Fraud Protection Works


Payment Protect

Payment Protect offers a risk assessment score for all transactions, allowing you to protect payments from fraud and raise approval rates.


Payment Guarantee

Payment Guarantee builds upon Payment Protect’s fraud detection with an end-to-end solution to reduce your risk of revenue leakage from fraud to zero.


Account Protect

Account Protect uses Vesta’s advanced machine learning models and big data resources to protect customer accounts from takeover—preventing unauthorized purchases.